The Ultimate Guide To Writing

Prose includes … phrases tacked alongside one another such as the sections of a prefabricated hen-property —George Orwell

19. generate in, to vote for (a prospect not detailed over the ballot) by writing his / her identify within the ballot. to incorporate in or increase into a text by writing: Never create in corrections about the galley.

"Would you not love to attempt a number of life - just one is so quite little - but that is the satisfaction of writing - one can impersonate so Many individuals" [Katherine Mansfield letter]

n → Schrift f; (= act, profession) → Schreiben nt; (= inscription) → Inschrift file; at some time of writing → als dies geschrieben wurde; (in existing) → während ich dies schreibe; in writing → schriftlich; permission in writing → schriftliche Genehmigung; to dedicate some thing to writing → etw schriftlich festhalten; This is often an incredible piece of writing → das ist fantastisch geschrieben; his writings → seine Werke or Schriften; in anyone’s personal writing (= not typed) → handgeschrieben; (= not prepared by sb else) → in jds eigener (Hand)schrift (dat); he earns a little from his writing → er verdient sich ein bisschen (Geld) mit Schreiben; the writing is around the wall for them → ihre Stunde hat geschlagen; he had witnessed the writing over the wall → er hat die Zeichen erkannt

1. the usage of figures in writing that represent syllables in lieu of unique Seems, as inside the Cherokee syllabary.

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Each and every creator, nonetheless modest, retains a most outrageous Self-importance chained like a madman during the padded mobile of his breast —Logan Pearsall Smith

paragraph - among a number of distinctive subdivisions of a textual content meant to independent ideas; the start is normally marked by a new indented line

to report in writing. She wrote down each term he said. neerskryf read more يُدَوِّن، يُسَجِّل записвам anotar / tomar nota zapsat aufschreiben skrive ned γράφω, σημειώνωanotar, apuntar üles kirjutama نوشتن؛ یادداشت کردن kirjata ylös mettre par écrit לִכתוֹב, לִרשוֹם लिखना zapisati leír mencatat skrá, skrifa niður annotare 書き留める 기록하다, 적다 užrašyti pierakstīt menyalin; mencatat opschrijven skrive opp/ned zapisać یاد داشت کول assentar a scrie/a nota pe hârtie записывать zapísať zapisati zabeležiti skriva ner จด; บันทึก kaydetmek, yazmak 記下 записувати لکھنا ghi chép 记下

segment, subdivision - a self-contained aspect of a bigger composition (created or musical); "he constantly turns to start with for the company section"; "the historical past of this get the job done is discussed in the next segment"

Typing your own manuscript for submission is a great deal like dressing to see that previous lover who remaining you 5 years ago —Ira Wooden In his novel, The Kitchen Male, Wooden expands the simile as follows: “Prepared to wander out the door you halt a single previous time within the mirror, just to be sure they’re gonna regret what they walked out on.

The career of writing is wrong, like smoking cigarettes cigarettes, bad on your health, a diminisher of existence expectancy —William Saroyan

No one can compose an actual drama who hasn’t smelled the grease paint; it’s like somebody composing who’s under no circumstances performed an instrument —Mary McCarthy

Synonyms Illustrations Phrase Origin See extra synonyms on noun one. the act of anyone or factor that writes. two. prepared kind: to commit a person's ideas to writing.

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